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I thought Gary would be a natural as a coach and encouraged him to pursue it. 

David J. Reynolds, Ph.D. Psychologist

Gary founded his coaching business in July 2003.  On January 1, 2005 it became

He and his wife Connie have been in private practice counseling since 1985 in Olympia, WA. He has worked in civil engineering, as a real estate broker, real estate appraiser and pastor.

He has been married to Connie since 1982 and they are the proud parents of Alyse, 9 and Shaelyn, 7. They also have a yellow lab named Myla.

I have enjoyed our counseling practice for more than 20 years but I find coaching exciting, powerful and fulfilling. I get to deal with your potential. Coaching allows me to see you as creative, capable, courageous, resourceful and more whole than you know.

Gary Campbell

Do you want to:

Coaching is your express lane to do any of these and more!

Is coaching for everyone? Not necessarily, but most find it very beneficial. Here are what clients and others have said about our coaching together.

I couldn’t get my feet on the ground.  I was starting a new business and we had our first baby, I was at a loss when it came to balancing my life. Gary, our work together helped me identify my most important goals and find ways to achieve them even when I thought they were impossible. I met or exceeded all my goals while working with you. (My desk is a lot neater, too!) Thanks for caring so much about my success.   

Andy Rosser  D.C.

As a psychologist, professor, and researcher in a successful career, I entered coaching unsure of what I had to gain.  I was financially secure, happy in my work and in my family life.  Yet for all my comfort and good fortune, I felt there were things to learn, things to let go of and service to do.  Coaching has been enlightening and demanding yet very rewarding. Gary has shown great skill in helping me engage in the process and I have found a deeper sense of peace, freedom and acceptance.  My journey is clearer and I plan to continue on this path.    

JR, Ph.D. Consultant, Psychologist and Teacher

Coaching with Gary helped me be accountable for my activities and that helped me increase my bottom line.  He helped me help myself, now I run my business rather than it running me.   

Dirk Farrar,  Stock Broker

Gary paves the way for deep and significant changes as he coaches his clients and brings with him spirit and compassion. He is enthusiastic and totally committed to his clients' success.     

Jeff Kaplan, Ph.D., President, IGW, Inc.

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