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Encouraging you to aim at what you want and, when you get it, helping you to enjoy it.

Feeling "stuck" or unfulfilled?
Business running you rather than you running it?
Want to move your life forward?

Relaxation2002 – it was reported that about half of IT workers from 24 to 64 years were ambivalent to very dissatisfied with their jobs whether they made less than $30K or more than $100K. Some suggest that over 40% of all workers do not wake up excited to go to work.

Business owners - The myth: you work for yourself.   Reality: you know you work for everyone from customers to taxman. You also know that small business failure rates are very high.  One client wrote:

My business ran me, now I run my business. Thanks, Gary, for helping me to get my arms around my business and helping me earn more money. 

Dirk Farrar, Stock Broker

Pastor/Rabbi/Religious leaders – You know that there are needs you desperately want to meet in your congregation or assembly and you feel frustrated that progress seems impossible.

When work, business or other responsibilities are not satisfying it can overflow into family life, finances, friendships and even our faith and the reverse is also true.

Imagine this: You leave for work/business excited about the day’s possibilities and then leave work fulfilled and ready for more of the same at home . . . it is possible, in fact, it is absolutely possible!

Here’s how it happened for one client:

Before I started working with you, I was overwhelmed with so many new things in my life. I didn't even know how to start getting my feet back on the ground. I was starting a new business, enjoying a new baby in our family, and at a loss when it came to balancing those two things. Your work helped me identify my most important goals, and how to achieve them... even when I thought they were impossible. I am happy to say that I met or exceeded all of the goals that I set while working with you. (My desk is a lot neater, too!) Thanks for caring so much about my success.

Andy Rosser, D.C. Rosser Chiropractic

provides coaching, education and consulting services that can help you bring balance and forward movement to your work, business and/or personal life. As your coach I will help you discover resources within so you can tease action out.

I believe YOU ARE:

YOU CAN overcome challenges and excel at life.


As your coach I know how to hold your agenda and encourage your potential!

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